For State, National and World Comps the following apply.


The sight classifications are:

B1.      No light perception in either eye up to light perception but no

recognition of hand movements at any distance or any direction.

B2.      From the ability to recognize hand movements up to a visual acuity of

2/60 (Snellen).

B3.      From a visual acuity of 2/60 (Snellen) up to a visual acuity of no

better than 6/60 (Snellen).

B4.      A visual acuity of better than 6/60 (Snellen) up to a visual acuity of

worse than 6/24 (Snellen) and/or a visual field of less than 20 degrees.

The State Assessor

The IBBA (Aust. Blind Bowls Assoc.) required that the bowler has their sight assessed/tested by an independent assessor such as an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

ABBA has left this to the State Association/Club to get their bowlers sight tested.

The State assessor/tester only records the figures that he obtains from the test done on the bowler.

If the bowler is not satisfied with the test results the State Association/Club may request that the bowler attend an independent assessor for another sight test.

National classifier

After assessment/testing has been completed  in the bowlers respective State, the State then forwards the completed pages ( the sight classification form which includes notes to the assessor and the bowlers sight test results) to ABBA Secretary, who will then forward them on to the National classifier.

The national classifier will then look at the results and details as provided by the assessor and from there will classify the bowler into a classification section such as B1, B2, B3 or B4.

At no time does the National Classifier look at any other results other than the details as provided on the form. The forms are classified and signed by the National Classifier, are returned to ABBA Secretary who will forward them on to the State Secretary.